pwgms3d - a Parallel WaveGuide Mode Solver

pwgms3d, the Parallel Waveguide Mode Solver, is a parallel extension to wgms3d.

What is wgms3d?

wgms3d, by Dr. Michael Krause, is a free modesolver for dielectric waveguides. For more information, visit the wgms3d website.

What is pwgms3d?

pwgms3d is free software under the GNU GPL. It extends wgms3d using parallel computing techniques and current available new computing algorithms to reduce execution time. pwgms3d accepts the same parameters as wgms3d.

An introduction to pwgms3d is provided below.




Release Updates

Release v1.3: November 23, 2013

Two packages are provided - one for real numbers pwgms3d-1.3.tgz, and one for complex numbers (i.e. perfectly matched layers) pwgms3dc-1.3.tgz.

A helper program to generate non-uniform grids: gengrid.c. The user can improve the convergence of wgms3d/pwgms3d to 1E-4.